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8 Of The Best Toasties In Sydney

Wrap your hands around the best toasties in Sydney.
best toasties in sydney - cheat day

8 Of The Best Toasties In Sydney

Wrap your hands around the best toasties in Sydney.
best toasties in sydney - cheat day

Cheese and bread. It seems so simple, yet it tastes so good. Anyone can make a pretty good toastie, but we’re here to find out who does it best. 

Sydney isn’t in short supply of tasty toastie spots, so come along with us to unravel the quirkiest and most delicious toasties scattered all over the city.

In no particular order, here are the best toasties in Sydney.

1. Dutch Smuggler

Think Indonesian Mi Goreng meets cheese gooey American cheese toastie goodness at the Dutch Smuggler.

A magical cafe that has combined noodles with toasties – and we aren’t mad about it. Taking toasties to a whole new level this place has to be the first place you stop by the next time you’re in the mood to carb load.

best toasties in sydney - dutch smuggler
Source: @dutchsmuggler
  • Location: 200 George St, Sydney
  • Price: $$$
  • Options: Dine-in, takeaway, delivery
  • Website:

2. Toastie Smith

Toastie Smith is everything that is right about the world.

They have juicy, melty, oozing pieces of bread that are slammed together to make the most delicious toasties you’ll ever try. Our top pick? The Bacon My Heart, consisting of fluffy scrambled eggs, English rasher bacon, American cheese, roasted sesame flavoured slaw, tomato relish, smoky BBQ, and fried onions. Quite possibly the ultimate king of toasties.

best toasties in sydney  - toastie smith
Source: @toastiesmith

3. Cheat Day Sydney

As the name suggests this toastie spot is cheesy, carby and delicious. So if you’re looking for somewhere to satisfy your toastie cravings then Cheat Day has to be on the top of your list.

With a slightly higher price point you can expect all the delicious inclusions from ranch dressing to brisket. Their three cheese buffalo chicken nugget toastie with ranch sauce has our mouth watering just at the thought.

  • Location: 64 Lorraine St, Peakhurst
  • Price: $$$
  • Options: Dine-in, takeaway, delivery
  • Website:

4. Soul Deli

There are a million reasons why you should visit Soul Deli, one such being their roast pork and kimchi toastie.

This Korean-inspired cafe spot has pulled out all the stops in achieving some of the best food that Surry Hills has to offer. Next time you’re incredibly hungover, we would highly suggest munching down on one of their delicious toasties.

  • Location: Shop 1&2/185 Campbell St, Surry Hills 
  • Price: $$$
  • Options: Dine-in, takeaway, delivery
  • Website:

5. Kosta’s Takeaway

This retro 90s-inspired sandwich bar is all about producing the classics when it comes to our favourite takeaway options.

They live up to their slogan ‘Classic not Basic’ with crowd favourites like their gigantic-sized tuna melts inclusive of all the gooey goodness that everyone loves. We’re sure this local spot in Rockdale is bound to be your new favourite toastie spot in no time.

  • Location: 412 W Botany St, Rockdale
  • Price: $$$
  • Options: Dine-in, takeaway
  • Website:

6. Bourke Street Bakery

Priding themselves in making food the ‘old fashioned way’ you can see and taste the time and effort put into creating each and every item on the menu here.

Our eyes are on their Wagyu toastie with pickled cucumber and Russian dressing coated with melted cheddar cheese.

best toasties in sydney  - bourke street bakery
Source: @bourkestreetbakery

7. The Mayflower

This highly instagrammable and highly delicious spot located in Darlinghurst and St Leonards is unmissable.

If you’re a truffle lover then you’ll fit right in. Their Truffle Croque Monsieur is overflowing with prosciutto de parma, gruyere, bechamel, smoked mozzarella, dijon, truffle paste, and topped generously with black truffle.

  • Location: 2/303A Liverpool St, Darlinghurst
  • Price: $$$
  • Options: Dine-in, takeaway, delivery
  • Website:

8. Toastettes

Finishing off strong for all the sweet tooths out there, Toastettes menu is pressing together all of our favourite Aussie flavours into fluffy pieces of bread to create desert heaven.

Their lamington toastie is exactly how it sounds, a coconut and chocolate fantasy topped with icing sugar and melted chocolate of course… is this the answer to all our life problems?

best toasties in sydney - toastettes
Source: @toastettescafe
  • Location: 120 Stanmore Rd, Stanmore
  • Price: $$$
  • Options: Dine-in, takeaway, delivery
  • Website: @toastettescafe

Feature Image: @cheatdaysydney

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